Our Sponsors - Heritage Parts Centre

Over the last 18 months, we have subjected our 30-year-old VW Camper to a tremendous amount of abuse. From the horrendously potholed roads of Kazakhstan to the sand and salt of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia.

It has taken its toll, we have wrecked a set of good 'All Terrain' tyres, and we are continually working to change the parts that can take the suffering no more.

We are self taught mechanics, but the parts we desperately need are often impossible to find in the locations we find ourselves. - Not to mention how hard they hit us in the pocket.

Along comes our saviour!! An exceptionally well know and respected VW Classic Parts company in the UK get in touch and tell us 'not to worry, we have your back!'.

We are thrilled to have been 'noticed' by Heritage Parts Centre (formally VW Heritage for those unaware of their name change last year).

It the few weeks we have been working together they have already come to our rescue twice while in South Korea!!

The first care package contained OEM CV boots that form part of our preventative maintenance strategy.


Then disaster struck!! We noticed plumes of white smoke in the side mirror. I pulled over sharpish, and it soon becomes apparent that the brake cylinder had dumped a load of brake fluid inside the drum and destroying the shoes in the process. :-(

Stranded in a bus stop/car park and with absolutely no chance of getting these parts in SK we had a huge problem, or so we thought.

After receiving a reply from the SOS, we sent to Heritage  we knew we were in safe hands.

It took just 62 hours for the 'Rescue Package' to arrive in South Korea!! It is mind-boggling how that it is possible! Even as the 'Crow Flies' it is around 8000 km from Heritage's HQ in Shoreham, England To South Korea.

With quality parts in hand, we were soon safely back on the road.

Thank you Heritage Parts Centre!!

If need parts for your classic VW, look no further than www.heritagepartscentre.com

We love these words on their website.

Heritage M.D Barney Dines sums it up best. “For me and the team at Heritage it’s all about the cars and our customers; together, we own them, we drive them, we work on them, and we love them. As the business has grown we have taken on new staff with interests in other marques and this has shaped the evolution from VW Heritage to Heritage Parts Centre. We’re excited to see what the future holds for our customers, our colleagues and our partners but be assured the level of service, quality of parts and knowledge will remain as strong as ever.”

Heritage Parts Centre: Run by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts