Our Sponsors - Visco Werkstatt Kern

One of the main reasons we chose our vehicle for travelling the world is the because of the ridiculously good 4WD system. 

However, when we really pushed the 4WD system in Kazakhstan, we noticed that the rear wheels would dig in and the front wheels barely turned.

We posted a video online of this issue.  

Visco Werkstatt Kern got in touch and explained why we were experiencing these issues. Here is what they said.

"Our opinion: The standard setup with JX engine is 60% torque on the rear and 40% on the front (@ 138 nm torque) if you drive a stronger engine in your Syncro, only the rear axle benefits from the higher torque of the new motor. 

While driving moderate offroad you won't recognise this effect, but the result shows strongly when spinning in the sand. We have already seen this with other customers' TDI engines. 

In our opinion, your VC is not in a broken condition but because you changed the torque balance between the axles with your AFN. 

What can you do: We improved together with and for customers with TDI engines the VC to a unique set up which transfers +50% more torque to the front wheels."

We immediately checked out their website, and we found that they were building and testing the Viscous Couplings in the same way as the original company Steyr-Daimler-Puch did 30 years ago.

With the data from the test rig, they can rebuild, modify and produce Viscous Couplings to the highest standards. 

To my knowledge, Visco Werkstatt Kern is the only company that has this 'test rig' so you can be sure you are receiving the very best product. 

They promptly sent the modified VW to us in Barnaul, Russia.

Check out the videos below to see the results!!