Our Sponsors - Aidan Talbot

Aidan Talbot is the go to transmission guy in the VW community. Going above and beyond with workmanship and customer service! - and a jolly nice chap to boot!

When Aidan heard of our impending adventure he insisted on checking everything was in tip-top condition. After all, he knows how we like to push the 4WD system to it's limits and then some!!

When we had an unforeseen and potentially catastrophic oil leak from the front differential  in Romania, Aidan came to the rescue! Within 2 days and all the way from Wales, we received the seal that we desperately needed and a spare too.  

Support like this is priceless!! 


For once we used a garage to do some work on our van. It took only a few minutes to fit the seal and we were soon on the road again!!