A little bit about us...

Tom (37), Gemma (37), Max (9) & Harry (5)

Tom (37), Gemma (37), Max (9) & Harry (5)


Gemma and I have always worked full-time jobs. We lived a life where we needed to work long hours to pay our mortgage and bills. 

​Then Max and Harry came along. Gemma worked as a Nanny, which enabled her to take them to work with her until they attended school.

We are very fortunate to come from large families, so there was always someone who would look after them in the evening until Gemma or I arrived home from work.

Then it was rush, rush! Homework, shower and bed. The same applied to the mornings, Gemma and I rushing to get to work and the children caught up in the crossfire.

What was really difficult, was the amount of times Max or Harry would ask one of us to play football in the garden or even watch a movie with them, most of the time the answer was "I'm really sorry, but I'm too busy, definitely tomorrow)

Sometimes, tomorrow never came.

With countless weekends away and various yearly holidays envolving us exploring Europe and then Morocco, we fell in love with the idea of full time travel.

However, we always found reasons why it would not be possible. For us it was an easy way out.

The birth of Resfeber

Then we noticed how many people we knew becoming sick. cancer, heart attacks etc. Whilst medicine worked for some, others weren't so fortunate.

The evening we found out about a friend, who we met through an off-roading group, had died from cancer was a huge shock. This hit us hard and was the final piece of the jigsaw coming together.

After a discussion with Max (9) and Harry (5), we decided to follow our dreams!

The next day, I handed in my notice to my employer of 20 years and Gemma did the same. It was actually quite emotional.

We made a rough plan. This gave us 6 weeks to repair the van, empty our house, redecorate and do all the jobs  ,required in preparation for renting it out. All of this while we were both still working full-time!

With working and getting everything in order, we were flat out 18 hours a day, 7 days a week. Often not eating until midnight and falling asleep at the dinner table.

Everyday at 6:15 AM, the alarm would go off and it would all start again.

In the end it took 7 weeks, from making the snap decision to travel the world, to catching the ferry to Calais to begin Our Overland Adventure!!!